First cave

There is no need to visit a famous cave to face breathlessness. A small one can do it too- a very small one..
Our first cave is one of the small beauties with very narrow entrance. I am happy to wear clothing with slippery surface that looks horrible but helps me to slide snake like into the edged cave. Sharp stones are pinching me while I am trying not to stick in the middle of the way. A horrible imagination and for me as a woman additionally a very emotional one!
Already after few steps I realize I need my both hands so I cram my torch, my camera and drawing stuff inside my jacket. Now a pregnant snake demands inlet into the womb of mother earth. The light on my helmet wags with each step so I try to focus on light coming from the other helmets going ahead of me.

It took nearly half an hour of steadily climbing, passing by some scattered houses, followed by astonished eyes of villagers, to reach this cave. A beautiful view rewards our efforts.

After some meters the next challenge is waiting. The dark womb is inviting us to step deeper inside and a vertical turn leads downwards to a second chamber. No light from outside is reaching this point any more. My heart starts beating little faster… but I don`t tell anyone. Strong musty smell of stones fills my nose and my senses start to relax. While outside all senses are rushing outward, here in the darkness the human system switch to an inward perception.
The third chamber finally is little more comfortable and allows to move more or less freely around.
The stalagmites are decorated with worshiping utensils like bells, trident and red ribbons. Unfortunately few other  things indicate occasionally visitors in this cave too- rubbish! At this point a little request from my side to all outside there: please, respect the nature and avoid any unnecessary pollution!

The absolute lack of sunlight is a real challenge to make photos and even more to start a drawing. The moving light spots of our torches give the stones each moment a different appearance!

Sainji cave

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