Uttarakhand- the land of gifts.

“Uttarakhand”, “Dev Bhoomi”, the home of Himalayas, the birth place of two largest rivers of India, and truly a paradise on earth. The fresh air, the pure water, the chilling snow, the advertising mountains, the mysterious caves, the beautiful glaciers, the scenic beauty, the small villages, the simpler people and a tougher lifestyle but a smile always decorated on their faces, is what that distinguishes Uttarakhand from rest of the world.

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This mesmerizing place offers a lot of mysterious caves hidden in Himalayas. Caves are whimsical, they are the places on earth, which are needed to be known, they keep secrets over thousand of years and that`s why they are an ideal research field for geologists and climate researchers.

Out of thousands of caves in this state, which offers a delight to the tourists, there are still some that are not well known.

Our blog want to introduce the interested public to 10 unknown dark beauties hidden in Uttarakhand.

natural cave Uttarakhand
Natural cave Uttarakhand.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”