Our team

Whatever you do in life it depends on a good team..and the weather of course.
The weather Gods were on our side and bestowed sunny days only. Ok, the mornings could have been little warmer sometimes , but otherwise the clothing industry could not survive. So, many thank to all out there delivering us folk with comfortable & stylish stuff. Sometimes both in one…

In a team, mostly, you start to appreciate the differences between peoples skills and grow together step by step. If the weather do not work you at least can count on an encouraging smile of a team member or a complicated joke you don`t understand at all but though must laugh loudly. Sharing spartan food together along the road can improve the atmosphere too.

A good team is like  good working machine. Not many words are needed if everyone is doing what he is made for.
It simply works.

Here are our four team members and a little bonus, who reminds us, where everything begins- curiosity, passion, patience, self- conquest, a portion of stubbornness and at least serenity. Job well done, little boy!
For two special caves we had to hire a second driver with a jeep. At this place thank you Sir for a secure & exciting ride on rough roads of Uttarakhand!

“The project brain”

“The creative support”


“The right- hand man”


“The road boss”


“The jeep driver”




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