Nainital- Two weeks – ten caves!


Our tour is not ment as a challenge but it sounds like this.

I am a proud member of a project in the name of science, in the name of art, in the name of international approach and in the name of a never ending curiosity & love towards life!

Nainital, our basis point, is everything else then a sleepy hollow. It is one of many hill stations left behind by British occupants after being forced to their knees by Ghandis powerful silent peace treatment. Once white people only flee the merciless Indian summers there, now this beautiful tourist attraction is welcoming heartly everyone through out India and from abroad.


Nainital lake.

Life vividly pulsate around the green eyed sea in the center of all.

Colorful, multifaceted  shaped houses climb up the hills like jolly spiders.

Sleepy students are climbing up the hilly streets to the university. Merchants are opening their little shops. The smell of chapati and tea fill the air. Yellow, warm sun slowly pour over the place.

Time for breakfast.

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