Second Cave

After visiting our first cave in the morning we rushed to the second one. Hidden in a hill overgrown with high green grass it was not that easy to find it at first glance. Moving forward and backward again we finally spotted our destination.
The joy was all so more as I realized this one would be much easier to enter. A small bell hanging on the top of the entrance signalized that also this cave is in use for ceremonial worshiping.


Instincts which failed for unknown reasons at the first cave, let us throw few stones inside the cavity before entering this time. Who knows which animals could use it as a domicile? Except one little bat, beautiful shaped stones and few nice stalagmites were waiting instead to be discovered.
It was not easy to leave this senses charming cave again but once we managed to turn away from its mesmerizing inside, a peaceful atmosphere awaited us outside.
A good place to collect all information of the day and to take a small rest.



Aagarchatti cave

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