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Caves and religion.

Caves are places which draw humans attention since inconceivable times. A scientifically approach is a relatively young attempt to analyse the secrets of this cavities. The most of the time they were places of religious activities. Nearly every mythology across the world contains some parts about caves. The Greek god Zeus for example was born in a cave on Mount Ida (or Mount Dikte) on the Island of Crete.

In India this culture is still present and most of known caves, even the smallest, are seen as holy places and are worshiped by cautious villagers only or thousend of visitors.
The God of Himalayas is Shiva.
Most of the Indian Mythologies (especially the Shiva Purans) refer to the Himalayas as “the abode of Shiva”. There he went to achieve moksha by meditatingWhen you are travelling through this region you will find everywhere his symbols like the trident.


“Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit”

Once you enter a cave you may start understanding why there are a lot of stories about Himalaya monks and yogis. If meditation is your highest goal there is no better place to practice than in the womb of earth. Far away of distracting civilizing activities you can dive into silence easily. Deprivation of all disturbing stimuli will help you to focus on your inner life. Lack of light and sound will calm your brain streams effectively.