Science & vomiting tablets

Science always deals with statistics so it was no wonder for me to take a statistic lecture while vomiting my breakfast out of my stomach…for the second time within half an hour…

We finely started our adventure and dived deeper into Uttarakhand, following serpentine roads.
Too serpentine…
Half an hour of enthusiastic gazing was interrupted abruptly by rebelling stomachs. Heavily impressed by the scenic beauty just ahead of my eyes I listened double eased to the words reaching my ears.
“Mostly woman vomit on this roads. And children. Even the native woman. Its very seldom, that this happens to men too”. Words spoken by a man flooded the space with attentive nonchalance.
Even not belonging to the lucky part of this statistic my mood stabilized significantly by the fact God didn`t burden me alone with such disadvantage but gave me a big community.


“The most here vomit out of the window of a driving car or a bus. They don`t even stop. Nothing unusual”.
I hardly tried to stop my glowing imagination delivering me with adequate interpretations for how this could be managed out of a driving vehicle and how determining the wind direction and wind strength would be.
“Vomiting tablets will help. We will buy some at the next place”. A bright and encouraging smile stopped me early enough from calculating the car speed and curve angle….
With cold, fresh water in my mouth and on my face my stomach relaxed confidently.

Pure mountain water. One of many spots to refill our bottles.

After many hours of shaking and hobbling we reached safely at our first external overnight stay. A roomy guest- house above the town, immersed in golden sunset welcomed our stricken bones.

Golden evening.


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